About INIS

In INIS we like the freedom to dream about what fashion has to offer. So, in each season we work to offer a product of the latest trend but accessible; an inspiring product to make the dream a reality. We turn to a young client of urban spirit and always current, living the fashion as a form of personal expression.

Our company have African and European origin, specialized in the representation of various brands as well as in the design, production, distribution and marketing of all kinds of accessories and clothes to a young audience and current. Our product is characterised by offering the latest trends, at very competitive prices within High Street sector. In each season our lines are renewed, reacting before the market demand and satisfying the new needs. Currently, the main objective of the brand is to adapt their products to the markets in which it operates.

In INIS we have present that people are our true success. Seamless integration of each of the value chain activities (design, production, distribution, marketing and sale) lets you develop a service impossible to improve.

We have a logistics platform in Portugal. Thanks to our own and latest technology, we have weekly site updates with new models.

In INIS we like convenience, our primary objective is to provide an enjoyable online shopping experience to a customer who loves fashion and style at a good price, without renouncing to detail and comfort.

Our site features a chic, clean, attractive image and monochromatic, based on a simply white background that gives any prominence to our product. A simple, practical and functional site, which recreates a universe itself and invites to customer loyalty.

It is with pride that we are pleased to serve you in Europe and Africa.