Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

This document (together with the documents listed in the annex) lays down the conditions determining the use of this website (www.inisstore.com) and the purchase of products in the same (hereinafter “conditions”). We ask you to read carefully the conditions, our policies regarding cookies and our privacy policy before using this website.

2. Our data

3. Your data and your visits to this WEB page

The information or data provided by the customer shall be treated in accordance with that established in the privacy policy. By using this Web page, the customer is consenting to the treatment of the said information and data and declares that all the information or data that we provide are true and correspond to the reality.

4. Use of our WEB page

By using our Web page and/or by ordering it, the customer commits to:
Use this Web page only to make legally valid queries or orders. Do not make any false or fraudulent orders. If, rationally, we can consider that an order of this nature has been made, we will have authorisation to Anulála and inform the competent authorities. . Provide us with your email address, postal address and/or other contact details in a true and exact way. It also allows us to use the information provided to contact the customer (if we need to consult our Privacy policy).

5. Register as a user

In order to facilitate electronic purchases and to not have to ask customers for the same data each time they make a new purchase, it is necessary to register as a user of the site. This user record can be performed at any time through the “login” area or during the purchase process itself. Upon completion of the registration process you will receive an email to confirm that the process has been successfully completed. You need a user record for each region from which you want to shop.
You can access the registered users area with your username and password or the means that, in each case, INIS use to authenticate users. Associated with your registration of users, INIS can use cookies or other similar means that allow you to register your browsing preferences and identify it when connecting from the same equipment.

Through the user record you can access your purchase history, consult and edit your registration details, request a copy of the return form and other procedures and management related to your purchases. Registration as a user of INIS is free and is not subject to any conditions or counterparts. You can cancel the registration as a user at any time by sending an email to info@inisstore.com. Cancellation as a user will result in the cancellation of your personal data as a user, as well as the inability to make online purchases in the future until you re-register as a user.

6. Quality of electronic contracting services

INIS guarantees that the products marketed through the site have the same quality and performance of the products sold a physical establishments. The INIS made every effort to have the image representation of the products on the Portal as faithful as possible to the reality. Notwithstanding the foregoing, some features, such as colors or texture, may not be correctly displayed from the images or undergo variations, depending on the conditions of your monitor.

The products published in INIS are accompanied by the following information:
– Article name
– Reference
– Price
– Color and size information
– Additionally the general Information of: Guide of sizes and care is displayed.

7. Duration of the Offer

Without prejudice to the provisions of the specific legislation, the offers or proposals for electronic contracting shall be valid during the period set by the INIS or, in its absence, for as long as it remains accessible to the recipients.

8. Product Availability

If at the time of the issue of the request we detect that there is not any of the products included in the order in stock, we will contact you to inform you of the inability to provide this article and proceed to the payment of the corresponding amount. The previous one shall be understood without prejudice to the legal rights which may correspond to it as a consumer.

9. Purchasing Process

The purchase process consists of the following procedures: Product selection: Browse through our page and click on the “Add to my Purchases” button every time you want to include a product in the purchase. The shopping cart contains the name of the selected product, the reference, color, size, quantity and price in euros.
Start of the purchase process: To start the purchase process click on the “Process request” button. If you are not registered as a user or have not accessed as such, please do so in advance.
Checking the purchase data: Before selecting the payment medium you can check the data of your purchase and correct any errors produced in the data entry. Once you have verified the data please confirm your order.

Selection of the payment medium: Select the preferred payment medium and click on the “Make Payment” button. At that time the system will redirect you to the payment system you have chosen, where you should provide all the necessary data for that means of payment. This will be the only time you will be asked for this information. The moment you have provided all the necessary data and clicked on the “Buy” button, the contract will be completed for all purposes.
Purchase confirmation: Once we have received your acceptance, INIS will issue a confirmation on the screen, which you can save and which will contain the following information: – Order number. – Date of order. – Summary of the products included in the purchase.

In any case, within a period of less than 24 hours from the date of purchase, INIS Mitirá a confirmation of the same by e-mail. During the entire purchase process you can consult the present general terms of purchase, as well as learn the final price of the selected products. Once the purchase has been confirmed, the customer will not be able to change or cancel the request outside the cases provided for in the law or in the present general conditions.

10. Price

All prices listed on the Portal are listed in euros. In the case of sales to Portugal, the VAT applicable to this country shall be included. The shipping costs will be detailed at the end of the purchase process, once you have included the shipping direction: These shipping charges depend on the delivery site and are fully in charge of the customer. You will be aware of the total shipping costs in the payment phase of the purchase process. Total shipping costs already include customs clearance, as well as taxes charged for importing products into these territories. Consequently, the customer shall not make any additional payment at the time of delivery of the application. Prior to the “make payment” phase, you may know the full final price of your application, seeing discriminated, where appropriate, the value of the additions or discounts applied, as well as the transportation expenses or other additional services.

Despite the measures adopted by INIS to avoid errors, the price of a product applied during the purchase may not be the price offered or the price offered and displayed in the Portal is wrong. Where errors are detected after the contract is formalized, this Agreement shall be deemed NULL in accordance with the legislation in force and without prejudice to its rights as a consumer. INIS will inform you of this incident as soon as you are aware of it and, if you have charged any amount for this purchase, you shall refund it immediately.

11. Payment

You may pay for the products purchased in any of the following ways: – Debit or credit cards (issued by European financial entities) of the following classes: – Visa – Visa Electron. PayPal.
The payment of your request is made in real time, as soon as it proves that the data indicated is correct. INIS guarantees that it treats the data related to the payment medium used with total security and confidentiality. The card data used for the payment is transmitted in encrypted form SSL. This solution ensures confidentiality in communication through a dialog with encryption keys.

In order to detect and avoid fraudulent operations and unnecessary damage and hassle to our customers. INIS has adopted fraud prevention measures and controls. These controls consist in the analysis of the characteristics of the applications and in their comparison with previous fraudulent operations. On occasions, in order to ensure that this is not a fraudulent operation, INIS may require you to complete certain information and to facilitate additional data. By denying providing this information, it will prevent the INIS from carrying out the necessary vouchers about the authenticity of the application. In such cases, INIS will be entitled to cancel and annul the claim for being fraudulent. Despite our attempts to improve our fraud detection systems we cannot fully guarantee that it is classified as fraudulent an operation that is not. In the event that you are harmed and if you are denied an operation incorrectly, indicate it through the means of contact provided in these general conditions so that we can meet your request as soon as possible. Additionally, please note that the suppliers or the means of payment used may have adopted other anti-fraud measures not controlled by the INIS and which lead to rejection of certain types of operations. INIS neither controls nor is liable for any damage that may arise from the application of the policies approved by the different suppliers or means of payment. It is prohibited to use a means of payment belonging to a third party, except in the case of an express authorisation of the same, and it is your responsibility to make proof of this authorisation and to assume all damages and damage caused to INIS if you have not obtained the same.

12. Invoice

INIS will send you the proof of the purchase on paper along with your request. If you prefer, you can request an invoice by contacting our customer service after your purchase. We’ll just issue invoices to individuals.

13. Delivery

The delivery is made when you receive the products purchased at the address marked for sending, personally or through a third party, it is necessary for the receiver to sign the delivery note or document that justifies the delivery of the application. The signature of the delivery note does not imply compliance with the product, it only serves to confirm that the delivery was made. Thus it does not affect your contractual rights or presupposes compliance with a product in bad condition. Without prejudice to their contractual and legal rights, to the effect that we may process any incident related to the shipment of the goods, we ask you to notify us, within the maximum period of 24 hours, any incident related to the shipment, such as Lack or loss of any of the products purchased, damaged product, open merchandise, etc. Please note that it is mandatory to sign the delivery notice so that we can deliver the product, so you should make sure that other people can receive the purchase on your behalf. INIS assumes no responsibility for the reception made by another person on his behalf, without proper authorisation, if the reception is carried out correctly at the point of delivery. The delivery to the domicile will be held from Monday to Friday between 9:00 hours and 18:00 H. We do not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays. The delivery to the domicile implies the transmission of the risk and, consequently, the deterioration of the products, loss or theft occurred from that moment are not the responsibility of the INIS. In the event that the product cannot be delivered, INIS will cancel the contract for impossibility of compliance and without prejudice to the claims that INIS may initiate in the event of the client’s intention or fault.

Approximate delivery times are as follows:

Home delivery:
Within the European territory between 5 and 10 working days.
Africa between 15 and 20 days. The shipping conditions indicated may be higher in season of balances or promotions.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, where compliance with these deadlines is also dependent on third parties, INIS shall not be able to guarantee delivery within the prescribed time limit.
You can request information about the delivery status of your application by entering the username and keyword in the “My Account” area and clicking on “Orders”.

14. Returns

INIS offers you the possibility to return your purchases within thirty days (30) from the date of delivery, where the products purchased have not been used and are in perfect condition only for purchases made in the Territory European.
In the case of returns that include several articles in promotion (4 × 3, 2 × 1, 50% discount on the second unit, etc.) it is necessary to return all items purchased with the promotion. For returns of articles on sale, whose discount is applied on a single article, or discount promotions on the total of a purchase, the amount to be returned will be that the customer paid for the article, which appears in the proof of purchase and not the price that the article I would have without the promotion. If you have used discount coupons on the purchase, please note that the value of the discount coupon used will not be reimbursed.

All ports that were previously charged by INIS and which had to be returned to customers as provided for in this clause will be reimbursed, as far as possible, through the same means of payment you made during the purchase. In the case of the medium employed do not allow to make reimbursements, INIS will return the corresponding amounts in cash, check or transfer. Please note that your banking authority may take up to seven days to process the refund.
The conditions laid down for discards in this clause shall be understood without prejudice to the mandatory rights which the consumer has in accordance with the current legislation.
It is recommended that you send it by registered mail or with notice of receipt. The INIS not be responsible for the returns that do not arrive at your warehouse. The shipping costs of the items you want to return will be in your charge. The INIS will not accept returns sent to due ports.
The conditions laid down for discards in this clause shall be understood without prejudice to the mandatory rights which the consumer has in accordance with the current legislation.

The items returned will be carefully inspected. If the product is in perfect condition and with the interior labels, the corresponding value will be reimbursed for the same card used for the payment or for the corresponding PayPal account. Please note that your banking authority may take up to seven days to process the refund.

15. Greater force or fortuitous case

INIS will not be liable for total failure, defective compliance or delay in the fulfilment of any obligation to its charge, which have at the origin some scenario of force majeure or fortuitous case. The term obligations which may exist shall be suspended in such cases, during the whole period in which the situation of force majeure or fortuitous case is resumed, as soon as this circumstance of force majeure or fortuitous event disappears.

16. Customer Service

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or want to consult our online store, please contact the customer service via any of the following means:

ur contact form

For any query regarding the Inis Store, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Care department:

Live Chat
Whatsapp: +351915552129
Email: info@inisstore.com

Customer Care: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm (working days)

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17. Integrity of the contract

The present general terms of purchase and any document in which the reference is expressed to them (such as particular clauses or specific conditions laid down for certain products and accepted appropriately by you at the time of accepting the purchase thereof), constitute the whole of the contract, replacing any other agreements or pacts that the parties have agreed, in a verbal or written manner, before the conclusion of the contract.

18. Applicable legislation

The legislation applicable to the contract shall be the Portuguese legislation, without prejudice to cases where the legislation of other countries may be of mandatory application.

19. Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the conditions of distance selling, the customer has 14 working days, from the date of receipt of his request, to exercise his/her right to annul the purchase held at INIS. You should follow the steps in the Returns section. The cost of the return by mail will always be assumed by the consumer. This right does not apply to lingerie, bath, jewellery and cosmetic products, the sealing of which has been removed or not in its original sealed packaging.

20. Intellectual Property

The customer recognizes and consents that all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights on the materials or content that are provided as part of the Web page are, at any time, our or who has granted us the License for your use. The customer may use this material only in the manner expressly authorised by us or by whom we have been granted the license for use. This does not prevent you from using this Web page to, as far as necessary, copy the information regarding your order or the contract data.

21. Virus, piracy and other computer attacks

You should not misuse this WEB page through the intentional introduction of viruses, trojans, logical bombs or any other technologically damaging or damaging material. You will not attempt to obtain unauthorized access to this web page, to the server on which this page is located or to any server, computer, or database related to our web page. You will promise not to attack this Web page through a denial of service attack or a distributed denial of service attack. Failure to comply with this clause could entail the practice of infractions in the applicable legislation. We will inform the competent authorities of any failure to comply with the legislation and cooperate with them to discover the identity of the attacker. In the event of failure to comply with this clause, it shall also be authorised to use this Web page. We will not be liable for any data or loss arising from a denial of service attack, virus or any other technologically damaging or damaging program or material that may affect your computer, computing equipment, data or Materials, as a result of the use of this Web page or the downloading of contents of it or of the contents for which it redirects.

22. Links from our website

If our Web page contains links to other third party pages and materials, these links are provided purely for information purposes, without any control over the content of these pages or materials. Therefore, we will not accept any liability for damages or losses due to their use.

23. Written communication

The applicable legislation requires that part of the information or notifications that we send is in writing. By using this Web page, the customer accepts that most of the notifications with us are electronic. We will contact the customer by email or we will provide information through warnings placed on this Web page. For contractual purposes, the customer agrees to use this electronic media and acknowledges that all contracts, notifications, information and other notifications sent by electronic means satisfy the legal requirement that such notifications be made in writing. This condition will not affect the rights recognized by law.

24. Notifications

Customer notifications should be sent, preferably through our contact form. According to the provisions of clause 23. Before and unless otherwise indicated, send Lheemos notifications by email or to the postal address provided when you have made your order. It shall be considered that the notifications were received, and correctly effected, at the same instant that the customer enters our Web page, 24 hours after sending an email or three days after the franchise date of any letter. To prove that the notification was made, it is sufficient to verify, in the case of a letter, that the address was correct, that it was properly sealed and that it was duly delivered to the post office or in a mailbox and, in the case of an email, that the same was Sent to the email address specified by receiver.

25. Comments and Suggestions

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. We ask you to send the comments and suggestions to our contact form. In addition, we have official complaints documents available to consumers and users. You can request them by calling the number…………… or through our contact form.

26. Alternative Dispute Resolution

In this sense, if the transaction has been completed through our website, we inform you-in accordance with regulation I n. º 524/2013-which assists you with the faculty of attempting to resolve any litigation in an extrajudicial way through access to the electronic platform Online conflict resolution, by email address http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. You can consult the updated list of alternative dispute resolution entities available under article 17 of Law No. 144/2015 of 8 September at the consumer Portal via the www.consumidor.pt email site.